Car connectivity device spec available for download

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving global technologies for phone-centric car connectivity solutions,announced the MirrorLink 1.0 device specification is now available to the public for download. The milestone underscores the CCC's commitment to open standards in the connected car ecosystem and is expected to quicken the pace of global MirrorLink deployments in cars, smartphones and aftermarket automotive electronics.

"Opening MirrorLink 1.0 is a momentous event for the CCC and represents two years of intense collaboration between our esteemed member companies," said Mika Rytkonen, chairman and president of the CCC. "We are excited to see all of the heightened innovation this inspires among new and existing MirrorLink supporters – as it will ensure sound and functional evolution for the next versions of the standard. This also brings the CCC one step closer to its mission of increasing safety and enjoyment on today's roads."

Public availability of MirrorLink offers numerous benefits. Potential members will have a chance to freely evaluate the standard before joining the CCC. A wider swath of the connected car ecosystem will be able to understand and provide feedback on the technology. And in general, the CCC can ensure fewer technological misunderstandings as the standard develops.

"Opening MirrorLink 1.0 has always been a critical step in the standard's global rollout strategy, and we are all very pleased to have reached this point," said Jörg Brakensiek, chairman of the CCC's Technical Workgroup. "Public availability of the specification will stimulate MirrorLink-enabled device deployments and create a fertile marketplace for apps when they arrive."