Goodyear to announce 30th Highway Hero Award winner at Mid-America Trucking Show

Goodyear Highway Hero Award honors truck drivers who put themselves in harm's way to help others.

Working with other bystanders, Harte, a former paramedic, opened the van's back hatch and began performing first aid on the nearest child, then pulled her out through the door. He pulled apart seats and cut seatbelts to rescue the third child. Calling upon his EMT experience, Harte helped rescue crews tend to the victims' injuries – which ranged from broken legs to a fractured skull and internal bleeding – until ambulances could whisk them away.

David Williams of Angier, N.C., who drives for Schneider National. Williams was driving down an interstate in Wilmington, N.C., when he spotted a disabled car ahead of him. It was raining heavily, and the car had spun around, facing oncoming traffic. Williams stopped his truck and raced to the car. He placed safety cones around the car and began directing traffic away from it. Suddenly, Williams spotted a pickup truck approaching at high speed. He jumped out of the way to avoid being crushed by the pickup, which slammed into the back of his rig and burst into flames. The pickup's driver escaped while Williams pulled the truck's passenger out of the burning vehicle. He then helped extinguish the flames that had engulfed the pickup.

Trucking industry journalists are now evaluating this year's Highway Hero Award finalists. The driver who is named the 30th Goodyear Highway Hero will receive a special ring, a plaque and a $5,000 cash award. Each of the other finalists will receive a plaque and cash award. In addition, the person who nominated this year's Highway Hero Award winner will receive a $1,000 prize.

"We are honored to have these individuals as part of our Goodyear Highway Hero Award program," said Kane. "They are a credit to the transportation industry, and we look forward to recognizing them during MATS for their courage and selflessness." 

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