2013 Dakar Rally-winning trucks used WABCO technology

WABCO Holdings Inc. announced that it has supplied a number of advanced, high performance technologies to KAMAZ-Master, the Russian national off-road truck rally team and winner of this year's Dakar Rally, the world's most challenging endurance rally.

KAMAZ-Master trucks finished in first, second and third place at Dakar 2013 in a race that saw 75 trucks representing 12 different branded competitors. This victory marks an unprecedented eleventh time that KAMAZ-Master has won the Dakar competition.

WABCO has been supplying KAMAZ-Master with pioneering technologies since 1997 and for Dakar 2013, the company provided KAMAZ-Master Team's heavy duty trucks with high performance air compressors, advanced pressure controls for the braking and tire inflation systems, and WABCO TRISTOP Cylinders, one of the industry's most reliable piston-type spring brake cylinders.

"The partnership between KAMAZ-Master and WABCO has continued for more than 15 years and we greatly value WABCO's contribution to our ongoing success through superb engineering and technical support," said Vladimir Chagin, Director of NPO Avtosport. "During a rally, when you have to make split-second decisions, the engine's power and accordingly the acceleration of the vehicle, as well as the performance and reliability of the braking system, are key to success. For example, the performance characteristics of WABCO's braking technologies enable us to stop the vehicle in every conceivable situation. In addition, the company's highly professional approach to finding technical solutions and the excellent relationship between both parties, make this an invaluable partnership."

"WABCO congratulates KAMAZ-Master Team on yet another outstanding Dakar Rally performance by winning the top three places in 2013 and continuing its impressive championship success story," said Mike Thompson, WABCO Vice President, Compression & Braking. "We are very proud of our long-term partnership with KAMAZ and KAMAZ-Master as the team's superlative vehicle performance and continued competition success also demonstrate the performance and durability of WABCO's products in what are surely some of the most extreme conditions for heavy duty trucks."

Dakar 2013 was the rally's fifth consecutive year to be held in South America. Starting in Lima, Peru and finishing in Santiago, Chile, the two-week route covered more than 8,000 kilometers (4,971 miles) in 14 stages through Peru, Argentina and Chile, crossing the Andes Mountains and navigating the Atacama Desert.