Pennsylvania Automotive Service Providers oppose exempting new and alternative vehicles from emissions testing

The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Pennsylvania (AAS-PA) announced  its opposition to a state measure to exempt new vehicles from emissions testing for 10 years while alternative vehicles would have a lifetime exemption.

On Jan. 30, Senator Elder Vogel introduced Senate Bill 332 (SB332) to provide exemption for new and alternative fuel vehicles from emission testing. New vehicles would be given an exemption of 10 years, while alternative fuel vehicles would be given a lifetime exemption. AAS-PA feels that such legislation would have many adverse effects to the environment, economic climate of the automotive industry, as well as the general safety and health of the motoring public in the state of Pennsylvania.

In 1990, the Clean Air Act created the need for enhanced vehicle emissions inspection programs. The emissions program currently plays a key role in ensuring problems are repaired by vehicle owners, AAS-PA claims. This is a key component in Pennsylvania’s efforts to reduce pollution. If the program is altered so significantly, motorists will likely ignore emission-related malfunctions (as they did before the emissions program was instituted in Pennsylvania.)

Shop owners in Pennsylvania have invested significant money in equipment and training to provide testing and necessary repairs to their customers’ vehicles in order to comply with the Federal Clean Air Act. Exempting vehicles from emissions testing would seriously impact the operation of business and force many owners to reevaluate the need for existing personnel, AAS-PA claims.

By delaying inspections for such a long period, this new legislation, if passed, would lead to an enormous increase in the amount of unperformed maintenance by car owners, the association claims. This will eventually lead to a variety of safety issues, both to the driver and others; as well as more costly repairs.

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