Connective auto shop offers remote start installation for foreign cars

Remote car starters have become popular accessories for many car owners who enjoy the convenience of being able to have their car started before they get in so the heat and air conditioning can be running when they are ready to drive. However, many foreign car owners in Connecticut have been frustrated trying to find an installer who will work on brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Lexus and BMW due to the complicated computer systems these vehicles are programmed with. Many automotive electronic technicians steer clear of these cars since it’s very easy to disrupt the original vehicle programming and fixing it can be a hassle.

Mobile Electronics, an automotive audio, alarm and electronics installer, offers remote start installations for many vehicles other installers won’t touch including Jaguar, Infiniti, hybrid cars and push to start vehicles. With a full staff of trained technicians, Mobile Electronics is confident of their abilities when working on foreign-made vehicles and in addition to remote start systems can also install custom audio systems, GPS tracking and backup cameras to make your car as safe as possible while still having the advanced features that make driving fun.

New automobiles are relying more on computer technology and for custom audio and electronic installers the race is on to keep up with advanced systems, especially those programmed into foreign cars. While American-made cars are fairly easy to work with, high end cars from Germany and Japan have more complex computer programming and many auto technicians prefer not to mess with these systems for fear of disabling important components. At Mobile Electronics, however, their staff is well trained to work on many foreign-made vehicles including Mercedes, BMW and Lexus. While installing a specialty remote starter system, Mobile Electronics can also offer a number of accessories and upgrades including satellite navigation, state-of-the-art video systems and window tinting.