Cummins Inc.

Cummins Filtration's fuel ReGen system helps maintain capital intensive equipment and prevent costly vehicle downtime

Cummins Filtration, a division of Cummins Inc., found that in today's sophisticated diesel engines, contaminated fuel can cause excessive wear and extensive damage within the engine, especially in high pressure common rail fuel systems (HPCR). The Fuel ReGen System developed by Cummins Filtration improves fuel cleanliness in onsite fuel storage tanks before it is pumped into vehicles or other onsite equipment.

Fuel contamination can occur at any juncture of the handling process due to numerous factors (poorly maintained equipment, lack of institutional safeguards in the supply distribution system, etc.) from several possible sources including the fuel supplier, transport systems and fuel storage facilities. In fact, the World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) has determined that a full 50 percent of the fuel dispensed at retail fuel pumps around the globe does not meet the necessary cleanliness of ISO standards recommended by ISO 18/16/13 (ISO 4406 Contamination Code).

The Fuel ReGen System cleanses onsite stored fuel kept in bulk storage tanks with an unparalleled degree of efficiency by removing:

  • 99 percent of particulate @ 6 micron (per ISO 19438)
  • 95 percent of particulate @ 4 micron (per ISO 19438)
  • 99 percent of free water (per SAE J1839)
  • 99 percent of emulsified water (per SAE J1488)

Designed for use with fuel storage tanks 10,000 gallons and larger (the system can be customized based upon site requirements), the Fuel ReGen System is designed to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a continuous recirculation configuration and is available in two models: the 3.5 horsepower/50 gallon per minute FK22000 and the 10 horsepower/100 gallon per minute FK22001.

Traditionally, when used without any pre-filtering of bulk fuel, the legacy engine mount filters can be incapable of providing the required protection to the engine fuel injection system. If fuel contamination levels in the storage are beyond what the engine mount filters can handle, then the filters may plug, shortening the equipment operating time or in worst cases fail to filter the contaminants and destroy the expensive fuel injectors, which is a frequent occurrence on newer HPCR engines. Both of these instances cause extensive downtime and repair.

However, when used with the Fuel ReGen System, the fuel system is guaranteed the cleanliness level that it is designed to operate with. When combined with engine-mounted NanoNet fuel filters, the combination ensures the recommended cleanliness levels for a longer and more efficient operation of the expensive fuel injection system. The Fuel ReGen System allows 100 percent assurance that the fuel is always maintained at the recommended cleanliness level regardless of the storage and handling conditions that may lead to contamination.

Cummins Filtration's convenient yet thorough Fuel ReGen System is compact in size, uses standard site electrical connections and requires only a standard 2" hose that's connected to the bulk storage fuel tank. Once installed, servicing and monitoring of the Fuel ReGen System is simple, thanks to numerous integrated features including pressure gauges, pressure relief and drain valves and the top-load filter servicing. What's more, the pump, controls, Winslow depth filter and coalescing filter are housed in a single sturdy unit, allowing the system to be easily moved by forklift or crane.

The Fuel ReGen System provides performance and protection of fuel systems for increased productivity, longer life and optimum fuel efficiency, especially when paired with other state-of-the-art Cummins Filtration products including Fleetguard Fuel Island Filtration and On-engine Remote Mount and Spin-on Fuel Processors with the company's patented StrataPore fuel filtration media.