Jeep transfer case inventory now sold from new process lineup at

The company is now selling its Jeep transfer case inventory directly from the New Process lineup online. This change is now providing the OEM units that are searched for on the secondary market and are hard to find. More information about the NP inventory can be read online at

The Jeep brand is one of the many top-selling subsidiaries owned by Chrysler. The outsourcing of engineering and development for select parts in these vehicles has been one way that is being used to maintain consistency and performance with each build.

The use of specific technologies in vehicles like the Cherokee, Wrangler and others in the Jeep lineup have helped to make these four-wheel-drive vehicles popular around the world. The NP inventory now provided to the public is offered in rebuilt and used condition online.

The drive train system is used for domestically produced 4x4 vehicles and is responsible for the off-road performance that is provided. The components like the transfer case are required in each of these systems to maintain proper performance. A new effort is now underway by the company to raise the quality of its preowned case assemblies sold to customers.

By applying internal testing procedures, defects or other issues that could be common in a used case are now eliminated before sale. These evaluations are part of recent upgrades to company services.

The rebuilt editions now offered by this company have been added as an additional option for buyers when searching for a replacement assembly. Because these units are rebuilt by hand, the delicate parts inside now undergo spin tests to prove accuracy during the build. It is this testing that is typically eliminated by some retailers currently selling use additions on the Internet.