AAIA urges Pennsylvania members to oppose bill that will delay some vehicle inspections for 10 years

The Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) is urging members to oppose a Pennsyvlania state proposal to delay inspections on certain vehicles. On Jan. 30, a bipartisan group of Pennsylvania state senators introduced Senate Bill 332 (S.B. 332) to delay emissions exemptions on “newest model year” vehicles for 10 years and exempt electric, hybrid electric, and compressed natural gas vehicles for life, according to the AAIA.

AAIA opposes this legislation, contending that by delaying inspections for 10 years, S.B. 332 would lead to an enormous increase in the amount of unperformed maintenance by car owners. Not only will this have an adverse impact on the small businesses that comprise the repair industry, but it would have huge negative implications for air quality in the commonwealth, AAIA claims.

All AAIA members with locations in Pennsylvania are urged to go to the AAIA Legislative Action Center http://aaia.aristotle.com/Pages/TakeAction.aspx?SID=7 to send a letter to their state legislator urging opposition to this legislation.