Polk teams with marketing research and data provider to provide insight on automotive marketing campaigns

Polk, an automotive data and marketing intelligence firm, has entered into a strategic alliance with InsightExpress, a marketing research and data analytics firm.

The alliance enables Polk's vehicle data to be integrated with InsightExpress' digital advertising measurement solutions, allowing unprecedented insight into the ROI of advertising campaigns and giving marketers a deeper and more robust understanding of how ad exposure drives purchasing behaviors.

Ignite Auto, InsightExpress' product offering enhanced by this alliance, flags specific opt-in panel members who have been exposed to an automotive ad campaign and matches them against Polk's vehicle data, creating a combined respondent profile. The anonymous profile reveals an online campaign's impact from ad exposure and brand attitude, to purchases, based solely on actual behavior.

"Polk's alliance with InsightExpress offers a unique view into consumer behavior, one that is becoming more difficult to attain as automotive shoppers have become more engaged in the digital experience," said John McBride, director, sales and client services and digital marketing practice leader at Polk. "As digital advertising expands, automotive marketers need to better understand the impact of increased spending on vehicle purchase behavior so they can adjust their campaigns based on the results."

With the addition of Polk data, InsightExpress builds on its successful Ignite Network® to provide the most advanced automotive marketing tools available through the Ignite Auto solution. Agencies, advertisers and media companies benefit from the integration of profile and offline purchase data, which may be used to better understand consumer behavior.

"Polk's robust census of vehicles and automotive industry expertise allows Ignite Auto to provide unprecedented marketing insight to the automotive industry," said Marc Ryan, co-chief executive officer at InsightExpress. "We are dedicated to the needs of automotive marketers and we are confident that Ignite Auto will help them better understand the relationship between automotive advertising and consumer behavior."