Sakor supplying "dynos" for powertrain testing

SAKOR Technologies, Inc. provides test cells for engine, powertrain and component testing. At the heart of each test cell design is the DynoLAB PT data acquisition and control system, which seamlessly integrates external devices, including dynamometers, throttle actuators, spark and fuel controllers, combustion analysis systems, emission analyzers and other smart I/O devices, into a single, coherent test system.

Based on individual customer requirements, SAKOR engineers select each of these components, as well as all sensors, actuators, and any necessary cell mechanics including cooling systems, fuel conditioning systems, couplings, drive-shafts, guards, bed plates, dynamometer bases and docking carts, to build the ideal test cell equipment for each customer's specific needs. SAKOR also offers complete cell upgrade services.

The DynoLAB PT system is specifically designed to work with all types of dynamometers. SAKOR can provide its customers with any type they desire; however, for maximum performance, the Accudyne line of AC motoring dynamometers is recommended. Accudyne dynamometers offer full 4-quadrant operation with seamless transition between loading and motoring modes. The combination of a DynoLAB PT with an Accudyne dynamometer is perfect for performing road-load simulation as well as race track simulation, transmission testing and other applications that require both driving and loading.