New York City turns others 'green' with envy

Kenworth hybrids help lower emissions and save fuel.

For the New York City Department of Transportation, nine Kenworth T270 hybrid "bucket trucks" are in service, and a T370 hybrid is on order to hoist a 60-foot bucket. 

"In our department, all but one of the Kenworth hybrids are configured as 35-foot working height bucket trucks – five are used to hang signs around the city, while the others are used for painting overpasses, inspecting small bridges, and for electrical repairs," said Dan Malone, with the city's DOT Fleet Services Administrative Office. "What's nice is once the truck is shut off, the bucket is driven by the electric PTO. That means no noise, so our employees no longer have to yell over one another at the job site. Plus, the worker in the bucket is no longer inhaling engine fumes. It's made a huge difference to our operators. And, we're saving fuel. All told, we're expecting our hybrid trucks to pass 30 percent in fuel savings over our non-hybrids."

According to Malone, the new T370 hybrid will go into service with rail gear. "We think it will be the first hybrid in the country to run on railroad tracks. The 60-foot boom will allow us to inspect bridges over railroads."

The Kenworth hybrids join 54 other T370 non-hybrids in the field. "The majority feature rack bodies and haul cones in our safety division," said Malone. "They'll go out to different job sites and create safety zones to protect our employees.

"We've had the Kenworths now for awhile and they're amazing trucks. Our drivers like them, and I like them since our crew also works on the trucks. To be honest, I can't compare other trucks to the Kenworths. They're very high quality. I have a saying that if you have something to prove, bring it to New York City. Well, Kenworth did and they haven't disappointed. We hold onto our equipment in excess of 10 years, and we see no problem of the Kenworths holding up."

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