Isotrak enters North American market

Isotrak, a global provider of telematics and GPS vehicle tracking solutions, confirmed its successful expansion into North America, which has been in soft-launch mode since January 2012. Established in the United Kingdom over 15 years ago, within the UK, approximately 95 percent of all groceries are transported on Isotrak-equipped vehicles, led by some of the largest global retailers, according to the company.

Alex Ognjanac, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Isotrak, who is spearheading Isotrak's expansion into North America, says, "Once we engage with a customer, it becomes an in-depth process of involvement and performance analysis. We take our customers on a journey and ensure they arrive where they are expected to. We anticipate this winning formula will position us to eventually lead the North American market." 

As part of its soft-launch in North America, Isotrak has secured an agreement with one of Canada's largest retailers. The company is currently engaged in the phased deployment of several thousand vehicles that will enable this retail giant to provide improved fleet operations throughout Canada. In the US, Isotrak has been equally busy with the deployment of its fleet management system for new key clients and are in discussions with other big enterprises in need of a top tier fleet and telematics solutions provider.

Isotrak's target market segments range from transportation and distribution all the way into the public sector, with Isotrak supporting two of the United Kingdom's post office services.

Any business that manages a fleet of vehicles, of whatever shape or form, cannot afford to run their operations without a fleet logistics and telematics solution, Isotrak believes. To illustrate, one of Isotrak's marquee customers in the UK retained Isotrak to help increase its transportation efficiencies and improve overall fuel consumption. Within the pre-determined timeframe, they achieved a 23 percent savings in fuel costs, as well as increasing their overall transportation efficiencies by 6.6 percent. In addition, there were other significant cost savings realized with driver improvements and asset utilization. All this was made possible by measuring the critical data in real-time, delivered and customized through Isotrak's ATMSi product offerings. Being able to measure and monetize all the perti nent information available through real-time visibility and other telematics data has become critical in order to maintain a competitive advantage today.