Onspot Automatic Tire Chains

Onspot's 25th anniversary comes with changes

Onspot of North America, a company that makes only tire chains in the United States, recently celebrated their 25th anniversary only a month after being acquired by VBG Group of Vanersborg, Sweden.  

Onspot has been the North American Onspot Automatic Tire Chain distributor and manufacturer since 1988. The Company has offices in Connecticut, Colorado and California along with its ISO-9001:2008 Certified 30,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Indiana.

ONA has grown to become the largest Onspot distributor in the world and has had its distribution contract with VBG Group who owns the Onspot name, patents and drawings since 1992. ONA supplies Onspot chain systems to over 200 OEMS and to over 1300 dealers throughout North America.

"Negotiations with VBG started as far back as 2006," remembers Onspot's Patrick Freyer who has been the President of the Company since it started in 1988. ONA will remain a "stand-alone" Company and will continue on a "business as usual" basis. Patrick Freyer will remain as ONA's President and all 29 employees will continue in their current positions. Freyer added that by combining forces with the VBG Group the "ONSPOT" name will now be the worldwide market leader in automatic tire chains.

VBG Group is a publically traded Company on the Nordic exchange with annual sales in excess of 180 million U.S. Dollars and operations in 13 countries.