Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants

Schaeffer Oil goes green with re-refined 15W-40 oil

Schaeffer Oil's Eco 5000 15W-40 is a fully formulated, multi-grade diesel engine oil that consists of a blend of full synthetic base oils, virgin paraffin base oils and the highest quality re-refined base oils.  It also incorporates a complete package of high-performance frictional modifiers, detergent/dispersants and anti-wear additives that exceeds the performance requirements of today's complex diesel engines.

Eco 5000 15W-40 is very shear stable and formulated to provide long oil life, extended oil drain intervals and improved fuel economy.  Eco 5000 15W-40 exceeds current API CJ-4 requirements and is recommended for use in all types of service for John Deere, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Mack, Mercedes Benz, International and Volvo powered equipment.

The additive package developed for this oil has shown oil drain intervals can be extended to 40,000 miles and life expectancy exceeding one million miles.  In addition to being a good corporate citizen and meeting government GSA requirements, Schaeffer's demonstrated that the product can also live up to performance expectations with results showing excellent fuel economy.  The unique use of a blend of synthetics and high quality re-refined stocks with a superior additive package ensures a long-life oil that will provide not only long term protection but also immediate benefits of longer oil drain intervals and excellent fuel economy.