Testing shows high-performance friction reduces stopping distance

Conclusions drawn from Bendix stopping-distance testing and analysis.

"When our engineers develop brake systems, they also specify the friction material as an integral part of each design. Prior generation friction material formulations available throughout the industry are simply not engineered to this same performance standard," Ganaway said. "To avoid confusion and potential risks to safety, we strongly encourage replacing friction like-for-like when relining Bendix High Performance ES Brakes. By doing so, fleets will have the peace of mind that comes from maintaining braking capability, helping to mitigate risk and achieve an attractive return on investment."

Bendix's brake solutions are part of the company's ever-growing portfolio of technology developments that delivers on safety, plus other areas critical to fleets' success.

"We are not satisfied with delivering technology just for technology's sake," Wilkinson said. "Our development criteria mean we must not only help lower the total cost of ownership, but also help improve vehicle performance and efficiency. We are working to couple this with robust post-sales support to deliver complete braking solutions for today's fleet operators."

For more information about Bendix High Performance Friction, call 1-800-AIR-BRAKE or visit www.foundationbrakes.com.

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