National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF)

NASTF takes steps to add new leaders

The National Automotive Service Task Force (NASTF) board of directors has voted to reorganize its governance structure with the intent to attract broader support from the motor vehicle service industry. As NASTF sets out to amend its organization bylaws to reflect a more technical makeup of its leadership, the board has elected Charlie Gorman , CEO of the Equipment and Tool Institute, to be the interim chairman of NASTF for 2013.

ASA President, Ron Pyle, who had served as NASTF chairman since 2011 will serve in 2013 as the immediate past chairman of NASTF. Other 2013 officers include Allen Pennebaker, owner of Orinda Motors as vice chair and Steve Handschuh, executive vice president of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association as secretary treasurer.

"NASTF plays an important role in the automotive service industry," explained Gorman, "and I am honored to serve as the interim chair for 2013. There is much work to do as we open up the board of director nominating process, transition to a self-sustaining funding model and expand NASTF services to include more of the vehicle service industry. Our goal is to have everything in place by January 1, 2014."

Directors of the NASTF board include Scott Brown (president of iATN), John Cabaniss (director, environment and energy for Global Automakers), Steve Douglas (director of environmental affairs for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers), Doug Greenhaus (chief regulatory counsel for the National Automobile Dealers Association), John Lypen (director of industry relations for Motor Information Systems), Karen Miller (senior account manager for Pacific Technology Solutions), and Tony Molla (vice president of communications for ASE).

"NASTF has come a long way since its conceptual creation in 2000," remarked Skip Potter , NASTF executive director. "The board has taken huge steps in the past year to modernize and advance their organization. With them, I look forward to attracting more direct involvement in our leadership from both automakers and independent technicians."

Among the several upgrades made by the NASTF board this past year are the hiring of Skip Potter as the organization's first professional executive director, launch of a Technician Outreach initiative that moves the March 8, 2013 General Meeting to the popular VISION Hi-Tech Training and Expo in Kansas City, and formalization of its management of the valuable NASTF Vehicle Security Professional Registry.