Car Connectivity Consortium taps mobile app developers for in-vehicle connectivity

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization driving global innovation for phone-centric car connectivity solutions, announced it has turned its full attention to mobile app developers in an effort to saturate the global marketplace with MirrorLink-enabled mobile apps. Activities at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show will culminate at the world’s first MirrorLink DevCon, taking place Feb. 26 at the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

“CCC membership has reached critical mass with automakers, smartphone manufacturers and aftermarket car radio vendors alike, and those companies have successfully collaborated to create the MirrorLink standard. Now we can focus on giving mobile app developers open access to the technology so that they can make drive-safe apps that are fully interoperable between MirrorLink-enabled smartphones and cars,” said Jörg Brakensiek, chairman of the CCC’s Technical Workgroup. “This is an incredibly exciting time in MirrorLink’s history because by the end of Q3 we’ll start to see an exponential rise in MirrorLink-certified apps. The sooner this takes place, the sooner we’ll see more consumers with their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.”

The CCC kicked off the week’s activities at the Consumer Telematics Show, taking place in conjunction with CES, to reinforce its commitment to the connected car ecosystem. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, the CCC will take the extraordinary step of hosting the world’s first MirrorLink DevCon, a full-day program of activities that allows mobile app developers to directly network with integral members of the connected car ecosystem. The agenda will include discussions of methods for developers to accommodate CCC members – as well as detailed information to make it easy for their apps to satisfy necessary requirements for connected driving.

The CCC is dedicated to cross-industry collaboration in developing MirrorLink™ global standards and solutions for smartphone and in-vehicle connectivity. Members include more than 80 percent of the world’s automakers, more than 70 percent of global smartphone manufacturers and a who’s who of aftermarket consumer electronics vendors. For further information, please visit