Fusor Training Alliance courses reach milestone achievement

The Fusor Training Alliance Courses bring adhesive and seam sealer application procedures to the body shop.

"Fusor has displayed a strong commitment to professionalism through training, and with these efforts have provided value to their customers achieving or maintaining the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals designation," said Jeff Peevy, Senior Director of Field Operations and Segment Development at I-CAR.

The I-CAR training alliance clinics from LORD have started to bridge the communications gap between the body shops and OEMs. With the constant technology changes on newer automobile models and structural repair requirements in the industry, technicians can acquire the knowledge they need faster and feel a sense of security with the Fusor training clinics. These courses ensure that technicians are using the proper materials, which are the Fusor recommended products at the OEM level," said Patrick Vandenberg, Vice President of Sales of Ammsq & Associates.

Available in the U.S. and Canada, the following courses are offered: Fusor 002 Bumper Repair, Fusor 003 Composite Repair and Bonding, Fusor 004 Metal Bonding, Fusor 005 Weld Bonding and Fusor 006 Sealing and Sound Control. For more information or to register, contact your local Jobber, Fusor Rep or sign up at www.lord.com/repairclinics

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