Automotive Distribution Network joins University of the Aftermarket Foundation as lifetime trustee

The Automotive Distribution Network has joined the University of the Aftermarket Foundation as a lifetime trustee to help increase awareness of the many professional opportunities available in the aftermarket and grow the foundation's scholarship program. 

"There is a monumental task facing our industry and that is replacing the 'baby boomer' generation. I see it in our office, in our membership and in the industry as a whole," said Mike Lambert, president of the Network. "Finding skilled workers to fill the technician shortage can seem overwhelming, and when you add in the parts counter, the people who answer phones, warehouse personnel, IT staff, marketing and sales, and so on, it can seem impossible.

"We decided to take one small step and contribute to the University of the Aftermarket Foundation to help make education more available. We want to support the foundation's efforts to get the word out that our industry has good jobs available, and not just those turning a wrench, but careers in all aspects of the business for those who are willing to learn."

The Network will take an active role on the University of the Aftermarket Foundation Board of Trustees. David G. Segal, president of New Hampshire-based Automotive Supply Associates (ASA) will serve as the Network's representative on the board. Segal, who helped spearhead the Network's donation, is a former chairman of the Automotive Wholesale Distributors Association (AWDA).

"We want to thank Mike Lambert, David Segal and everyone at the Network for their generous contribution to the University of Aftermarket Foundation and their commitment to help secure the future of the aftermarket through the education of the next generation of industry leaders," said Rusty Bishop, chairman of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation.