Monarch selects DriveCam to reduce risk throughout fleet

DriveCam, Inc., a global Driver Risk Management company, announced today that Monarch Beverage Company has made a 5-year commitment to deploy DriveCam's Driver Risk Management solution throughout its fleet of 130 vehicles. Monarch joins a growing list of recently announced trucking and distribution companies who are benefiting from DriveCam's in-cab video safety solution.

"With six million miles driven each year – including local distribution and over the road truck hauling – driver and fleet safety is of paramount importance to Monarch Beverage," stated Fred Dufour, Vice President of Operations. "We needed a solution that would provide immediate results and DriveCam has done that."

DriveCam addresses the causes of poor driving by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching, resulting in reductions in collision-related costs and fuel consumption. This is accomplished using DriveCam's Driver Science Engine, a classification model that assists in predicting the riskiest drivers within a fleet. Through a patented, iterative process of scoring, prioritizing and tracking the results of driving behaviors, this model identifies those behaviors that will most likely lead to a collision and has provided significant savings by helping fleets more effectively manage their drivers.

Driving behaviors are captured through in-cab video, which are objectively reviewed and scored and then passed on to the fleet for use in coaching drivers; video provides the objective context for discussion with drivers about their behavior. Fleets, like Tyler manage the DriveCam Program through DriveCam Online, a web-based online portal. Seamlessly integrated into DriveCam's DC3 event recorder and the DriveCam Online reporting solution, DriveCam's Fleet Tracking Solution provides a real-time view of fleet operations – helping to ensure compliance and improve productivity – with immediate access to real-time status, trip history and a suite of reports.

"We're excited to welcome Monarch Beverage to our growing list of satisfied clients," commented Brandon Nixon, DriveCam CEO. "As more fleets use our video-based driver risk management program, we know we are helping to make our roads safer for our customers and our communities."