New fleet management technology from Inilex helps small fleets reap big-business benefits

Inilex, a leading provider of telemetry solutions for vehicles and the makers of the popular SkyLINK vehicle tracking solution, is now helping businesses improve the efficiency and performance of their small-to-midsized fleets with the introduction of InilexGPS FLEET, a new telemetry solution that enables businesses to easily analyze operations and reduce costs. InilexGPS FLEET brings large-business technology in a simplified form to companies with between 15 and 150 vehicles. 

With fuel prices on the rise, even businesses with small fleets are rightfully concerned about reigning in excessive idling, as well as implementing an organized preventative maintenance program. The InilexGPS FLEET system addresses both of these issues by enabling companies to track their fleet vehicles and receive comprehensive reports about their location, speeds, idle times, mileage, maintenance schedules and other up-to-the-minute data that assists with business decisions. In addition, small companies with InilexGPS FLEET can have the same operational benefits of a full-time, on-staff fleet manager without the expense.

"We saw a gap in the marketplace where the needs of smaller fleets were largely underserved, yet their need for efficiency is greater when you consider most operate within a tighter margin than large enterprises," said Michael Maledon, CEO of Inilex. "We already had the core technologies in place to serve this market, and we're doing so with a system that is simple to use and delivers hard dollar value. Consider that by just curbing idling times, businesses can permanently lower fuel costs by up to 25 percent."

InilexGPS FLEET is a small, durable device that is easily installed on any vehicle or piece of equipment, from car to bus to tractor to container. Management and reporting is performed through a simple and intuitive web-based interface. With the comprehensive data available through the InilexGPS FLEET system, businesses can make informed decisions based on real-time information, cutting down on profit losses and greatly increasing the efficiency of their fleet assets.

InilexGPS FLEET core features include:

  • Military-grade device – To withstand even the toughest conditions, the InilexGPS FLEET unit is military grade, as well as water-resistant and shockproof.
  • Idle alerts – InilexGPS FLEET promotes green driving and reduces fuel costs by documenting idling behavior. If a fleet vehicle idles for more than 10 minutes without moving, the system will send an alert and store it for future reporting.
  • Maintenance alerts – The system helps prevent downtime by reminding managers of scheduled maintenance events, including preventative maintenance alerts based on a vehicle's actual mileage. 
  • GeoFences – With GeoFences, companies can set up a pre-defined geographic boundary and receive an alert when the line is crossed. This discourages drivers from going into unauthorized areas or using the fleet vehicles for personal business. 
  • Speed alerts – Speed alerts promote driver and vehicle safety, and can also cut fuel costs. If a driver goes in excess of a pre-set speed threshold, it triggers an email or text message alert that is sent to the fleet manager, and the event is also stored in the InilexGPS FLEET system. 
  • Vehicle tracking – InilexGPS FLEET provides real-time and historic vehicle location tracking, which enables companies to implement more efficient routing, provide proof of service, increase employee productivity and guarantee customer satisfaction.