SkyBitz announces asset tracking solution for 3G/4G networks

SkyBitz, a provider of remote asset tracking and information management solutions, announced the Falcon Series GXT100, a new global positioning satellite (GPS) asset tracking solution for 3G/4G cellular networks with seamless North American coverage. With this launch, SkyBitz is able to provide additional cost-effective solutions for complete asset visibility to its customers.

Device design, low-cost, and long battery life make the SkyBitz Falcon Series GXT100 ideal for operations requiring reporting on the status of unpowered assets like flatbeds, chassis, van trailers, and construction equipment. SkyBitz will also be able to better serve customers with actionable information such as stop and start times, idle times, arrival and departure times, geo-fence based alerts, speed and mileage driven, and time between stops.

Key features of the Falcon Series GXT100 solution include:

  • Rugged and untethered design: The GXT100 is IP67 rated, has no external antennas or wiring, and is a battery-powered tracking device. This flexible design makes it easy to install and ideal for tracking unpowered assets for long periods of time, providing low cost of ownership. 
  • Reliable 3G/4G cellular network coverage: As cellular carriers shut off GSM networks over the next four years, the GXT100 leverages the latest technology for 3G/4G networks that will survive well beyond the GSM Sunset and provides seamless cross-border coverage.
  • Pin-point accuracy of location: SkyBitz helps companies support just-in-time logistics with real time visibility and fleet dispatch optimization, reducing down time of assets. Constant monitoring of asset location and status also provides enhanced security.

"The introduction of the next generation Falcon Series GXT100 extends SkyBitz's cellular-based product offerings, which addresses new applications to manage and protect assets in real time," said Henry Popplewell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SkyBitz. "We are committed to offering the best product portfolio to help our customers find the right total solution to fit their unique needs."

Information is delivered to end-users via SkyBitz InSight, a best-in-class asset management tool for tracking, monitoring and managing a broad range of assets for multiple industries and has an adaptable application program interface (API) that can accept data feeds from any other system.