Devtra helps with safety inspections and audits in multiple formats

Devtra's aims that their product, "The Checker," has helped make equipment inspections and audits easier than ever. It helps with equipment inspections and audits for safety, maintenance & compliance solutions that help keep equipment running longer. 

The Checker comes in two formats: Checklist Books and Mobile Electronic inspections.

Since 2000, Devtra has been a provider of highly specialized inspection checklist books for clients in all industries in North America.  The books inspect over 200+ vehicles & equipment  easier and quickly. Book examples include: Dump truck, Fire truck, Cargo/Cube, Pickups, Trailer, Forklift, Crane, Backhoe and more. Each checklist book has 150 inspection/audit forms with an automatic carbonless copy to circulate and last approximately 6 months.

Devtra's new Electronic Mobile Inspections run on all major devices (Smart Phone, iPad, Computers, etcetera). It includes an online forms library and simple management software to automate and better manage your equipment inspections and audits. It requires no software to purchase and is customizable.