White maintains rank as most popular vehicle color

White dominates the global automotive color popularity ranks for the second consecutive year, while black overtakes silver for second place.

For the first time, black/black effect topped the market in China, with 24 percent of the market, reaffirming the global association of black with luxury and high quality. Silver ranked second in China, with 20 percent of the market, while gray has increased this year to 17 percent, tying with white/white pearl. Red rounds out the top five overall at 9 percent in China.

India sees the lightest colors at the top of the color popularity charts. Silver leads, with 28 percent of the overall market, while white/white pearl is a close second at 27 percent. In third, light versions of brown/beige rank with 12 percent, while gray follows with 11 percent. Black receives its lowest ranking globally in India, with just 7 percent.


Color Returns to Russia; Red, Blue and Green Make Strides

While white/white pearl (18 percent), silver (15 percent) and black/black effect (14 percent) lead the color preference charts in Russia, more vibrant colors are making a local statement. Red is in a close race with black/black effect for third place, with 13 percent of the market, and blue follows with 12 percent. Green also shows the highest ranking in the world in the Russian market, with 8 percent.


South America – Silver Tops Vehicle Color Choice

Silver led the South American market with 29 percent share, though it dropped 1 percent from last year. White/white pearl (21 percent) increased 4 percent and moves into second place, with 21 percent of the market in South America. Black/black effect (19 percent), gray (13 percent), red (9 percent), brown/beige (5 percent), blue (2 percent) and green (1 percent) follow. Decreases in silver, gray and red were comparable with increases in white and blue in 2012. Specific to Brazil, the color rankings mirrored the overall South American market rankings for the top 10.


White/White Pearl Continues its Reign in South Africa

South Africa had the world's highest market share of white/white pearl of any region or country that DuPont analyzed in this year's report, with those vehicles representing more than 38 percent share. Silver followed, with 20 percent market share, and black/black effect and gray tied in third place with 13 percent of the market each. Red and blue each represented 5 percent of the South Africa market.

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