Rotary Lift

World's largest transit agency purchases 570 columns from Rotary

The world's largest transit agency has awarded a vehicle lift contract for 570 mobile columns to Rotary Lift. The manufacturer delivered the first set of lifts and provided training this week.

The transit agency conducted an exhaustive trial of the Rotary Lift Mach 4 (model MCH418) mobile column lift side by side with two of its toughest competitors over 90 days. The testing took place under real-world conditions at two different transit facilities that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

At the end of the grueling test period, the Rotary Lift Mach 4 came out on top. The Mach 4 was chosen for its easy operation, superior performance, low user cost and low maintenance costs over time.

"We are elated to have won this bid and are very proud of the Rotary Lift team that designs, manufactures and sells the Mach 4," says Kirk Dawson, vice president of heavy duty. "This was a very difficult test, and to have our product proven under these strenuous circumstances is a true testament to the superior design and manufacturing processes that are behind every Rotary Lift product."

Rotary Lift's Mach 4 mobile column lift is sold in sets of four or six identical columns. Each column has a rated lift capacity of 18,000 lbs. and is powered by two deep-cycle marine batteries. Lifting and lowering of all columns is automatically synchronized. The Mach 4 can raise a vehicle 70 inches in just 78 seconds.

Rotary Lift's Mach 4 mobile column lift is made in the U.S.A. It has been third-party tested by ETL and ALI certified to meet ANSI safety and performance standards.