Patch Rubber introduces "No Buffing" RFID installation

Patch Rubber Company has developed the Speedy RFID unit which can be installed in minutes chemically to the tire sidewall without buffing the surface.

"As RFID begins to launch with the major tire manufacturers there will be a demand for post cure RFID units. The propriatery compound allows our units to be installed on the outside sidewall without buffing," according to Robbie Bushnell, Patch Rubber Key Accounts Sales Manager. "Without the need to buff, installation time is greatly reduced and RFID units can be installed without removing the tire from the rim or vehicle."

Speedy RFID units are available for outside sidewall application or a Speedy Core unit is available for green tire manufacturing. As a custom manufacturer, Patch Rubber has the capability of installing other RFID tags into the Speedy outside sidewall or green tire units.