Leading transportation executive starts fleet maintenance company

Transportation industry executive Michael Parks, announced the launch of Driven Fleet Solutions – a full service fleet maintenance company. Driven was created to offer companies, nationwide, a full suite of fleet maintenance services that are guaranteed to improve vehicle uptime while lowering maintenance costs. According to a recent study published by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), fleet maintenance costs represent nearly 10 percent of the operational costs for a fleet, up from just six percent in 2008.

"While there are many factors that contribute to the operating expense of a fleet, maintenance
costs continue to rise and have become a significant pain point for the trucking industry," said
Michael Parks, Founder and Managing Partner of DRIVEN Fleet Solutions, "Whether building a fleet from the ground up or trying to maximize the performance of an aging fleet, DRIVEN was created to ensure optimal fleet performance and uptime so that maintenance never stands in the way of profits."

Driven is committed to setting a new standard in fleet maintenance solutions and customer service by providing true cost-­-containment while upholding the highest industry standards. To that end, the company has introduced "The Driven Difference," which is the baseline Driven clients can expect and the company believes they deserve. "The Driven Difference" is supposed to do the following:

  • Driven will provide its clients with an internationally recognized executive team with the deepest experience in the fleet maintenance industry. 
  • Driven clients deal directly with ownership and the executive team. 
  • Driven will always adapt its business model to ensure the creation of common goals and the elimination of conflicting agendas. 
  • Driven will quantify and guarantee a true cost advantage over any existing program, maximizing efficiencies at all levels of fleet maintenance. 
  • Driven will always provide innovative solutions customized around each individual clients needs.
  • Driven understands that when it comes to fleet maintenance, one size never fits all.
  • Driven will always provide our clients with the Driven Preferred Price when purchasing parts, meaning they will never see tack-­-on costs for parts purchased – The Driven low price is our client's low price.
  • Driven will always work with agility and respond to client needs quickly and responsibly.
  • Driven will stay ahead of the technology curve and leverage our passion for new technology to monitor, benchmark and reduce vehicle life cycle costs for our clients.
  • Driven will always provide its clients with a long-­-term, strategic approach that will allow for predictability of cost and performance, giving our clients complete peace of mind with their fleets.