ATEQ announces EZ-sensor programming feature on TPMS service products

ATEQ, an international manufacturer and supplier of testing equipment for the transportation industry, has been makking TPMS testing equipment for OEM and the aftermarket for some time. Working with Schrader, the additional EZ-sensor programming capability for ATEQ hand held tools allows independent tire retailers to turn TPMS headaches into profit opportunities. These include improved inventory management, simplified repair processes and overall cost reduction.

Schrader's EZ-sensor is the automotive industry's first patented and programmable OEM-replacement TPMS sensor that is fully-programmable and functions across diverse car makes and models. EZ-sensor helps aftermarket retailers eliminate lost sales, simplify TPMS repairs, and dramatically improve fill rates. Currently, there are more than 150+ SKUs of tire sensors fitted to North American vehicles equipped with TPMS. For aftermarket distributors and retailers, this can mean money tied up in inventory for sensors that are rarely used, or time lost in the service bay while waiting for the right sensor to be delivered. Two EZ-sensor part numbers cover more than 84 percent of TPMS-enabled vehicles in North America, supporting a diverse set of global vehicle platforms. Schrader's complete EZ-sensor deployment is planned to cover an estimated 90 percent of the market.

"Schrader is the world leader and the largest supplier of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for OE and Aftermarket customers," said Jacques Mouchet, President of ATEQ. "ATEQ being able to program EZ-sensor is a win-win solution for our customers and is a great example of ATEQ's continued commitment to new innovations and being in the forefront of tire pressure monitoring system solutions."

EZ-sensor is compatible with all required TPMS installation, re-learn, and verification functions. EZ-sensor also features Schrader's patented snap-in TPMS valve and programming technology to help minimize installation time.

"TPMS is a safety system designed to warn the driver in case of an under-inflation condition. In order to properly service a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, advanced diagnostic tools are required," said Eri Muca, ATEQ TPMS national sales manager territory east. "ATEQ tools are essential and a ?must have' for every technician. Now with the Schrader EZ-sensor programming capability, the ATEQ brand offers more to customers. It's time we turn the TPMS headache into opportunity."