American Power Group signs national distributor and marketing agreement

Under the terms of the agreement, WheelTime Network LLC will endorse APG technology and engage its member companies in establishing a North American network to market and install APG's Vehicular Turbocharged Natural Gas Systems.

Established in 2004 as a strategic alliance among North America's Detroit Diesel-Allison distributors, each WheelTime member is an equity owner in the Network and has a vested interest in achieving WheelTime's exclusive truck repair service metrics and standards. The vehicle service records are integrated across the Network for accessibility and consistent high quality service at every location.

The WheelTime agreement with American Power Group continues the WheelTime Network's commitment to strategic initiatives that enhance the value of the Network to customers. WheelTime plans to expand Network services and capabilities as it continues to drive quality across the system and employ innovation across all systems and customer services.

"The industry wants and needs support that is oriented toward the way trucking companies do business. The new APG non-invasive dual fuel natural gas system extends the viability of older trucks by allowing them to take advantage of fuel savings while complying with new environmental regulations," Delaney added. "When you match WheelTime members' background in handling complex repairs with their unified desire to create a service network that is second to none, you get innovation and the commitment to partnerships like this one with APG that can set new standards for the industry."

The WheelTime Network leads the maintenance industry in the adoption of new technologies and information management systems. In early 2010, WheelTime introduced WheelTime LINQ, an industry-first repair and maintenance service management program that ensures customers receive consistent levels of service and consistent hours of labor per repair or service regardless of the Network location.

The WheelTime Network LLC member companies in alphabetical order are: Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison, Central Power Systems and Services, Clarke Power Services, Cullen Diesel Power, Florida Detroit Diesel-Allison, Inland Power Group, Interstate Power Systems, Johnson & Towers, New England Detroit Diesel -Allison, Pacific Power Products, Penn Commercial Vehicle Solutions, Smith Power Products, Stewart & Stevenson, United Engines, Valley Power Systems, W.W. Williams, Wajax Power Systems and Western Branch Diesel.

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