ALI launches certified lift inspector program

The event concluded with a surprise visit from seven-time NASCAR Champion Richard "The King" Petty.

Dale Soos, ALI senior project engineer, reviewed the certification process and the extensive materials provided to candidates in the program. He also highlighted some of the benefits certified lift inspectors and their companies receive. Each certified inspector is assigned a unique inspector ID number that appears on his or her badge, patch and inspection labels. All lift inspection companies with ALI Certified Lift Inspectors on staff will be listed in an online directory launching in May 2013 to make it easy for lift owners to find local certified inspectors.

Some of the marketing materials used to promote the program were also debuted at the meeting. ALI continues its partnership with the Petty organization in 2013. Petty appears with the tagline "Lifting It Right Is Fixing It Right" on materials promoting the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program. The Lift Inspector Certification Program logo was also featured on the No. 43 Ford Fusion driven by Aric Almirola in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pennsylvania 400 at Pocono Raceway earlier this year.

As the Oct. 31 meeting wrapped up with audience Q&A, attendees were startled as a distinctive Southern voice at the back of the room suddenly proclaimed: "Yeah, I've got a question." Striding down the aisle in his trademark sunglasses and Charlie 1 Horse hat, Richard Petty took over and shared anecdotes about changes that have taken place in the racing world over his career, drawing parallels to the changes taking place in the lift industry. He also told attendees that all of the lifts at Petty's Garage are certified and, as of this year, inspected annually. Afterwards, Petty posed for photos with attendees in front of a screen featuring the No. 43 car sporting the ALI logo.

For more information about the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program, including a schedule of upcoming participants' orientation meetings and exams, visit

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