Propane Education & Research Council

Propane-autogas-fueled buses lower emissions for Portland, Seattle schools

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) congratulated CleanFuel USA and Collins Bus Corporation today as they announced the delivery of 134 propane autogas school buses to First Student, Inc., the largest provider of student transportation services in North America. First Student will deploy the buses to service the Seattle Public Schools and Portland Public Schools.

PERC helped fund the development of the propane autogas fuel system by CleanFuel USA that is used in the buses. The addition of these propane-autogas-fueled school buses is an important step forward for clean emissions, competitive prices and domestically produced fuel.

"Propane autogas is the right choice as school systems expand their use of alternative fueled vehicles," said Tucker Perkins, PERC chief business development officer. "Portland and Seattle  have chosen a fuel that is powerful, sustainable and domestic, so these cities will enjoy cleaner air and quieter streets, all while using an abundant American fuel."

Propane autogas is the third most widely used transportation fuel globally, and there are more than 2,500 propane autogas refueling stations and 130,000 propane-autogas-fueled vehicles in the United States. Propane autogas offers school districts and other fleet operators a powerful fuel that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, smog-producing hydrocarbons, and particulates than diesel and gasoline. In addition, nearly 97 percent of the propane autogas consumed in the U.S. is produced in North America, reducing the country's dependence on foreign fuels.

The Collins propane-autogas-fueled NEXBUS used by First Student is Collins' latest design and is Altoona tested and certified, and meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) certifications for school transportation, including the highest standards for fuel system integrity. The bus is built on a dual rear-wheel GM chassis, utilizing the GM 6.0 liter engine. It exhibits an estimated range in excess of 300 miles and is available in capacities up to 32 passengers. The propane autogas fuel system was developed in partnership with CleanFuel USA and has obtained certification from both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board.