SureSale Certified Vehicles stay high and dry from Hurricane Sandy

SureSale Certified, the certified pre-owned marketing program that is changing the way used vehicles are bought and sold, deployed SureSale certification experts to immediately assess damage and certification status of SureSale Certified vehicles on lots affected by Hurricane Sandy flooding. Comprehensive vehicle inspections were, and continue to be, conducted on dealership lots throughout the Northeast to ensure continued consumer confidence in the program.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has been devastating to homes and businesses in the Northeast. It is estimated that approximately 250,000 cars were flooded by the super storm.  Damaged vehicles present not only a cost and supply issue, but a health and safety hazard to consumers who may unsuspectingly purchase a replacement vehicle that experienced flood damage.

To ensure that SureSale Certified vehicles maintain the highest vehicle qualification standards, SureSale is conducting on-the-ground comprehensive inspections of vehicles located on affected lots throughout the Northeast. Vehicles inspected were immediately deemed either undamaged, in need of repair, or unsalvageable and stripped of their SureSale Certified vehicle status. Over 30 vehicle inspections were conducted on New Jersey's Causeway Family Dealerships lots alone.

"Residents of the Northeast are desperately working to move forward in the aftermath of this devastating storm," said Jeffrey Schwartz, president and CEO of SureSale. "SureSale is committed to a transparency that helps both dealerships and consumers 'be sure,' which is why we want to ensure that damaged vehicles either receive proper maintenance, or are stripped of their SureSale Certified status."

"The Causeway Family of Dealerships has always maintained a commitment to provide its customers with the highest level of quality, and Causeway SureSale is no exception," said Joe Stroffolino, Used Car Manager and Digital Marketing Director for Causeway Family Dealerships, which has a standalone SureSale store. "We initiated the SureSale program to provide car buyers with a greater range of quality certified vehicles, therefore it is only fitting that we maintain our commitment to quality by employing a complete inspection of our vehicles in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We hope that our efforts will help ease the purchasing stress of our neighbors most affected by this storm."

SureSale maintains its commitment to quality pre-owned vehicles, and will continue to work with dealerships along the Northeast as they recover from Hurricane Sandy.

The SureSale Certified program expands the range of vehicles eligible for certification on dealer lots, online marketplaces, and remarketing channels to up to 15 years old and 150K miles, providing dealerships with the opportunity to differentiate their dealership by selling certified inventory and car buyers an unprecedented range of certified and inspected vehicles for purchase. SureSale reports that its program is fulfilling a consumer demand and dealership need -- with the majority of certified vehicles at participating dealerships selling at a rate that is over 60% faster than that of the average used vehicle.