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Bosch expands training, adds course in advanced gasoline direct injection

Bosch has announced that it is expanding its repertoire of training courses to include an advanced course on gasoline direct injection technology (GDI) for automotive technicians. This one-day class will be offered in various locations throughout the U.S. and will launch in 2013.

“Given all our experience in this category, who better than Bosch when it comes to GDI training?” said Mark Polke, director of technical support and services for Bosch. “Bosch has been involved with gasoline direct injection from the start. In 1937, Bosch equipped an engine with mechanical direct injection for use on airplanes and by 1954, Bosch systems were being used on passenger cars.”

The GDI class will reflect the latest advances in gasoline direct injection systems. Vehicle manufacturers today are under immense pressure to make cars more fuel efficient and they are are looking to GDI to help them meet this demand.

Bosch’s training class is designed to help technicians prepare for the influx of these systems into the marketplace. The course uses a blend of instructor-led training supplemented by job aids and ‘minds on’ problem-solving exercises.

“The class will help technicians service the direct injection engines seen on today’s fuel efficient vehicles,” said Polke. “It is important for them to know how new engine management systems interact with the high pressure fuel delivery method to ensure the safe diagnosis and repair of these vehicles. In addition to the information about the system operation, students will also learn how to safely service these systems.”

While other companies also offer GDI training classes, Bosch’s market leadership and long-standing history of advancing the automotive industry through new developments, positions it better when it comes to offering technology-leading training and information.

The 2013 schedule for this course, as well for all classes offered by Bosch, will be published in December 2012, and can be found by visiting or calling 1-855-BoschTech.

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