Accuride launches new corporate branding and website

Accuride developed the company's new branding in partnership with Fire & Rain marketing communications, and its new websites with Gray Loon Marketing Group, both of Evansville, IN

Accuride Corporation, a supplier of components to the North American commercial vehicle industry, introduced new corporate branding and unveiled a suite of new websites for the company and its business units. The brand launch features completely refreshed visual identity for Accuride Corporation and new brand positioning for its wheel and wheel-end components businesses in North America. The branding communicates Accuride's commitment to delivering dependable performance for customers and reinforces Accuride's proud heritage as a supplier of industry-leading commercial vehicle products for over a century. This brand promise and look and feel of the refreshed identity are reflected in each of Accuride's upgraded corporate and business unit websites that went live today.


Branding Reflects Revitalized Accuride, Commitment to Dependable Performance

"Our new branding is all about our customers," said Rick Dauch, Accuride President & CEO. "It carries our message that everyone at Accuride has committed to deliver quality products on time, where and when customers need them. This means an experience with Accuride they can count on, from people they can trust. That's the new Accuride."

Dauch said this commitment to achieving more reliable performance has been a driving force behind Accuride's unprecedented investment of more than $130 million during 2011-2012 to:

  • Upgrade its manufacturing operations,
  • Install new production capacity at its wheel and wheel-end plants,
  • Enhance the capabilities of its R&D and test facilities,
  • Augment its engineering, quality and technical talent, and
  • Convert to a common ERP system by 2014.


Contemporary New Identity

Accuride is launching a bold new look for the company's identity that is both more reflective of the industry it serves and contemporary in appearance, starting with a new corporate logo. It features a reflective treatment of the company name, combined with a stylized letter 'A' enclosed within in a bold shield that is metallic in appearance. Supporting the branding's look and feel is an "in-your-face" asphalt graphic that connects Accuride to its industry like nothing before.


Accuride Wheel End Solutions

Accuride is uniquely positioned to meet customer needs for wheel and wheel-end components. Today, it is the only supplier to the commercial vehicle industry in North America capable of serving as a single source for its customers' requirements for steel and aluminum wheels and wheel end components, such as its Gunite-brand brake drums, rotors, hubs and slack adjusters. 

That is why Accuride is taking its Accuride Wheels and Gunite products to market jointly under the Accuride Wheel End Solutions brand being introduced, which it positions as "Your Only Single Source for Industry-Leading Wheel End Solutions." As part of the positioning, Accuride will continue to promote its wheel-end products under the Gunite brand name and identity.

"Our OEM, fleet and aftermarket customers have told us they value Accuride's ability to offer them both our Accuride Wheels and Gunite products," said Dauch. "Not only can we support customers' total wheel and wheel end component needs, but we're the sole North American supplier capable of doing so."


Newly Upgraded Websites Go Live

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