Robert Bosch LLC.

Bosch reorganizes U.S. aftermarket resources

Robert Bosch LLC has announced a reorganization of several of its independent aftermarket resources in the U.S. The highly-regarded Bosch Car Service Network, the Bosch technical training and service organization, and both the parts and diagnostics/wheel service sales organizations will now all be aligned into a single structural unit in an effort to simplify sales and service in the independent aftermarket.

These changes are intended to more effectively support sales of Bosch products through WDs, jobbers, retailers, and repair shops. The announcement was made by Bobby Bloom, vice president, independent automotive aftermarket for Bosch in the US.

The new organization also includes the addition of customer marketing services and e-commerce/digital marketing functions. Bosch has built an industry-leading advantage in digital marketing, having developed and executed training apps for technicians, informative and educational social media campaigns, and generally bringing customer-specific sales processes to a mobile environment. Bloom stated, “I’ve been fortunate enough to lead digital efforts with two global brands prior to joining Bosch and I think our digital team and strategy is second to none in this growing medium in the industry.”

”What is exciting about this new arrangement is our ability to utilize the best of our existing organization and add new talent from both inside and outside the industry. All of these efforts are focused on becoming an even better partner in the aftermarket by focusing our strategy on the trends that are occurring, as well as those yet to come. What counts is the execution of our carefully-developed strategy, and that can’t take place without the right people. I’m proud to be part of a team that is focused and committed to our customers,” added Bloom.

“As vehicles become more and more complex, technicians, shop owners, and parts professionals have an increasing need for support at every level, including sales, training and marketing. So Bloom added, “Our strategy will allow us to fully leverage our leading-edge product innovation and deliver training to installers on critical technologies such as gasoline direct injection.”

“Further,” added Bloom, “We will have dedicated personnel for various channels of distribution within the aftermarket. This will allow our people to focus their efforts on the specific needs of the channel and level of distribution they service.”

“We constantly monitor the needs of our customers and our customers-to-be,” observed Bloom. “Smart business practices dictate that we continuously align our strategic goals with the needs of our customers.”

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