Snap-on Equipment

Snap-on body shop catalog offers business building tools and accessories

The new Snap-on Body Shop Catalog will help improve customers’ body shop business with a wide assortment of the latest innovative body shop tools and specialty equipment. For a limited time, Snap-on customers can take advantage of special pricing opportunities on these performance enhancing products.

“The Snap-on Body Shop Catalog is chockfull of the latest and greatest hand tools, power tools, and shop and tech tools that our body shop customers need to become more productive and profitable,” said Gerry Beronja, director of customer marketing for Snap-on. “The catalog also features tool storage units, as well as pages of specialty tools that are sure to help our customers save time while improving performance.”

Featuring a wide range of hand tools such as ratchets, torque wrenches, prybars, files and hammers, the Snap-on Body Shop Catalog also includes power tools like orbital sanders, die grinders, air hammers and cordless impact wrenches and drills. Also included in the catalog are a Roll Cab tool storage unit and a top chest available with special pricing, along with a three-drawer roll cart.

The catalog also includes several pages of shop and tech tools like MIG welders, tire changers and wheel balancers, as well as clamps, welding helmets and spray guns. A Snap-on wireless digital video scope and digital borescope are also available.

Customers can request a copy of the Snap-on Body Shop Catalog by contacting their participating Snap-on franchisee or representative or by viewing it on-line at .