Bendix encourages "Operation Safe Driver"

Advanced technologies and industry education work in tandem to promote safer roads

"Over and over again, we hear stories from fleets and drivers about the value of full-stability and collision mitigation technologies – from peace of mind to ROI," Andersky said. "What we learn from them continues to drive, inform, and advance our efforts."

Bendix brakes that allow shorter stops include the new, higher-performing version of its Extended Service drum brake (Bendix ES brakes). The ES drum brakes, which meet and exceed the new federal reduced stopping distance mandate, are produced by Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC, a joint venture between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Dana Commercial Vehicle Products, LLC.

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake also produces the popular Bendix ADB22X air disc brake. The patented air disc brake is a lightweight air disc brake design proven to significantly reduce stopping distance and extend brake system life for commercial vehicles.

In addition to its technologies, Bendix promotes safety by assisting drivers and fleets through outreach and education. The company has delivered important safety information to thousands of industry leaders, fleets, owner-operators and drivers through technology demonstrations and educational sessions.

Bendix provides commercial fleets, technicians, and drivers with the tools they need to ensure safe operation through proper inspections, regulatory compliance, maintenance, and repair. The company offers field-tested sales and service professionals; a 100 percent ASE-certified field technical support team; Bendix ACom diagnostics software; and the Bendix Tech Team, an expert technical support phone line, among other tools. The Bendix Brake Training School, one of the industry's longest-running training programs, has educated more than 250,000 students since its founding more than 50 years ago.

"Roadways today present an ever-increasing array of new obstacles to safety for all drivers," Andersky said. "At Bendix, we believe in supporting the goals of Operation Safe Driver by taking on those obstacles through technology, education and the collaborative efforts of the commercial vehicle industry."

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