American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists holding training clinic

The American Council of Frame and Alignment Specialists is conducting a Technical Training Clinic November 13th and 14th, 2012. The classroom portion of the clinic will be held at the Hampton Inn, Moline, IL. The demonstrations and hands-on portion will be held at Mutual Wheel Company, Milan, IL. The Engstrom family of Mutual Wheel Company is the host of the clinic.

The focus of the clinic is Truck Chassis Frame Diagnostics, Analysis and Gauging. This is a topic that affects all involved in the trucking and truck repair industry.

  • Alignment Specialists too often spend hours attempting to correct a handling problem with no success because the frame is twisted or side-swayed.
  • Many times a Suspension Specialist will attempt to modify the suspension of a chassis because of a lean condition with no success.
  • Insurance Adjusters are often told by Collision Repair Specialists that there is no damage to a chassis frame and later are contacted by the claimant that the truck has a severe handling problem. Often an Insurance Adjuster is charged for the straightening of chassis frame on a vehicle that has no frame damage.
  • Truck owners have trucks involved in accidents that develop bad handling and tire wear problems after the vehicle has been repaired.
  • Up-fitters often attempt to install snow plows, lift gates, lift axles, and bodies on chassis that have twisted frames and the accessory cannot be leveled.

If these are situations that you have or may face than you cannot afford to miss this clinic.

For information regarding the clinic contact:

The hotel cut off date is October 22nd. The clinic registration cut-off is November 1st.