Harris Trucking Company and R&M Transportation improve safety

Compliance and customer service with Qualcomm's mobile computing platform

"Fleets continue to face increasing industry demands and regulations that add another layer of complexity to effective fleet management," said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. "As such, fleets need access to the latest mobile technology at an attractive price point. The MCP50 meets this need, making it easier for more fleets to deploy our industry-leading systems."

The MCP50 is currently available for $799 through local dealers and resellers that are part of the Pana-Pacific distribution network or directly from Qualcomm Enterprise Services. There are six different application pricing plans—starting at $19.95 per month. Please find additional details regarding Harris Trucking and R&M Transportation's MCP50 deployment and benefits experienced by the fleets at http://transportation.qualcomm.com/mcp50.

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