Distributors to wear orange at AAPEX Show in Las Vegas

Distributor members of the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA), plan to make a colorful splash at this year’s AAPEX in Las Vegas, Nev. At the show opening on Tuesday morning, Oct. 30, all attending WD members of AWDA will be outfitted with bright orange shirts that feature the AWDA logo, as well as the logo of the program group or distributor organization to which they belong.

“The intent is to dramatically illustrate the size and scope of the traditional aftermarket,” said 2011-12 AWDA chairman Bill Maggs, National Pronto Association. “Traditional warehouse distributors supply the lion’s share of parts to repair shops and account for a large percentage of all parts sold to and through the aftermarket.”

“Exhibitors are at AAPEX to see buyers – period,” said Arlene Davis, senior director, trade shows, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA). “We are thrilled that the AWDA segment of AAIA has decided to so visibly highlight this substantial buyer segment and its tremendous support for our industry’s annual celebration: AAPEX.”

This year, over 4,000 warehouse distributors are expected to attend AAPEX. Orange-clad AWDA members will make up sizeable percentage of those buyer registrants.

“Each orange shirt represents hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in parts purchases and sales,” said Maggs. “It will be an orange tidal wave of potential sales for our manufacturing partners and, notably in this challenging economy, a message of success, progress and JOBS!”

For more information, contact Larry Northup, AWDA executive director, at 301-654-6664, or e-mail larry.northup@aftermarket.org.