PeopleNet workflow integrated with TMWSuite

PeopleNet, a provider of innovative and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems for effective fleet management, announced a new PeopleNet Automated Workflow integration with TMWSuite from TMW Systems, a provider of transportation management solutions for transportation and logistics companies, designed specifically to boost efficiency throughout crude/tanker fleet operations.

Making the announcement at the American Trucking Association Management Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, PeopleNet Vice President of Tailored Solutions Randy Boyles said, "Crude/tanker fleets have unique informational needs which we are committed to addressing in our Crude Hauler Suite. This customized workflow integration helps our mutual customers in this segment generate even greater ROI from their technology investment in our TABLET and BLU onboard computing platforms."

The new PeopleNet tailored workflow application reflects this segment's unique information needs in custom forms that integrate with TMWSuite. Dispatchers populate order/load information into forms that prompt drivers through a queue designed to gather required data, minimizing driver interaction and ensuring collection of accurate information.

John Erik Albrechtsen, operations manager for Paul's Hauling, explained what Tanker Workflow means to driver and back-office efficiency. He said, "Drivers no longer have to sift through books and make calculations. It's all done by the system, which automates updates, so drivers don't have to search for the most current data. All drivers will have to do is fill in beginning and ending dip information. We're tying dip charts tied into site plans integrated with the workflow, so site plans (and dip charts) automatically display. Further integration between PeopleNet's Tanker Workflow and In-Cab Navigation will take the driver to the next stop, improve flow to the back-office billing and payroll, and reduce back-office errors that come from multiple points of data entry."

PeopleNet's first application in its Crude Hauler Suite, introduced at last year's ATA Conference, incorporates oilfield regulations for hours of service and sleeper berth into PeopleNet's electronic logs application eDriver Logs. As a result, all wait and sleeper berth times are eliminated from the 14-hour on-duty, so drivers don't log wait times at a natural gas or oil well site or sleeper berth times, regardless of whether or not it is a valid split.

The new integration comes on the heels of several new and enhanced enterprise integrations between TMWSuite and PeopleNet, including:

  • customizable looping and branching for embedded decision-tree forms;
  • customizable arrive/depart stop profiles for complete monitoring of terminal stop behavior;
  • "load offer" screen editing that allows dispatchers to select or deselect stops and send an updated dispatch that reflects changes;
  • signature capture acceptance into TMWSuite for automating and expediting billing immediately after a customer receives a load to improve cash flow.