PeopleNet partners with ALK to improve driver safety

PeopleNet, a leading provider of innovative and integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems for effective fleet management, announced that its integration with ALK Technologies' CoPilot Truck In-Cab Navigation application is commercially available and enhancing driver safety, route compliance and driver and back-office efficiency. It is believed that spoken turn-by-turn directions is the best way to eliminate the number one cause of accidents—distraction—and improve operations by significantly reducing out-of-route mileage, wasted driver time and fuel costs.

Paul's Hauling recently added PeopleNet In-Cab Navigation powered by CoPilot Truck to its fleet with the intent to integrate it with its routing software for greater compliance with pre-planned routes. Routes from the back-office are synchronized in real-time through ALK's RouteSync functionality to deliver guidance to the vehicle and enable drivers to drive the miles they are being paid for.

Commenting about the 55-year hauler being on the forefront of this kind of integration, Paul Hauling's Manager of Operations John Erik Albrechtsen said, "The safest, most efficient and compliant journey management requires the integration between high-level navigation and routing. Drivers who are using CoPilot Truck In-Cab Navigation are happy with the interface and say they don't know how they drove without it before. The truck attributes of CoPilot Truck are superior to consumer grade software."

He added that in fostering better compliance with routing, the integration supports reality-based pricing and billing and payroll. Albrechtsen said, "Customers are billed for miles driven, and drivers are paid for miles driven and hours worked. Further integration with PeopleNet Automated Workflow creates definitive data for detention-related billing and extra driver pay."

PeopleNet is the first onboard computing provider to launch the latest release of CoPilot Truck, which provides an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with spoken turn-by-turn directions and easy-to-follow, non-distracting guidance displays. It calculates efficient routes based on vehicle profile information, routing parameters such as truck-restricted and prohibited roads and load type, including hazardous materials. Its motion-triggered safety lock ensures drivers stay focused on driving. PeopleNet's Automated Workflow is the perfect foundation for CoPilot Truck, ensuring that accurate destinations are in the system for safe routing. Drivers can update vehicle/trailer dimensions and cargo-based restrictions for maintaining accurate route profiles.

Onboard route calculation to over 7 million points of interest (POIs) or integrated dispatched stops ensures that drivers stay on the road and in motion. Drivers can quickly identify destinations and calculate routes, searching POIs by name or category, including truck-specific categories such as truck stops and weigh stations. ALK provides consistency between their back-office routing, mileage and mapping software, PC*MILER, and in-cab CoPilot Truck routes.