Autoloop partners with ClearMechanic on visual declined service marketing program

AutoLoop, a retention services provider to automotive dealerships, has announced a partnership with ClearMechanic, developer of visual explanation technology for automotive service centers.

The companies are jointly launching a “visual declined service marketing” program, enabling dealerships to win back customers who declined service recommendations during their car appointments. The program automatically follows up with these lost customers, e-mailing photographic and video evidence from a customer’s recent vehicle inspection. Common examples are photos of worn tire tread or videos of leaking coolant. The photos and videos are captured in real time during each vehicle inspection by proprietary iPhone and Android applications. See screenshots at the end of this press release for additional information.

“Following up on declined services is already the most requested program among dealership service departments,” said Steve Anderson, CEO of AutoLoop. “Our new program revolutionizes these outreach efforts by featuring photos and videos from a customer’s most recent vehicle inspection. By offering ‘hard proof’ that a service is needed, dealers can effectively recover lost customers, which is our core business focus.”

“Current declined service letters are often generic and crude,” added Brad Simmons, CEO of ClearMechanic. He continues: “They offer no visual evidence and instead rely exclusively on discounts to persuade customers. With our new visual declined service marketing program, we change all that. These letters are customized to each vehicle inspection and address the lack of trust between dealers and car owners.”

In connection with the launch, AutoLoop is introducing new mobile applications under the title “AutoMechanic.” These applications run on any iPhone or Android smartphone and make it simple for technicians to snap real-time photos or take video footage. Once the photos and videos are uploaded, AutoLoop and ClearMechanic automatically match the visual images with the correct customer and generate declined service letters. Proprietary expert diagrams are then embedded in outbound communications to ensure customers understand what vehicle part or system they are viewing.

The AutoMechanic mobile applications are also effective tools for selling more services during a service appointment.

For more information on this program, contact representatives from AutoLoop or ClearMechanic.