Lifetime brake rotors available for police vehicles

Atomic-forged rotors for Ford Crown Victorias and other police vehicles show no measurable wear, meant to last for life of vehicle

The PureForge rotors represent a revolutionary breakthrough in metallic surface-metal technology, which has been proven in one of the most challenging applications – law enforcement vehicle fleets. The secret to making metal tougher and brakes safer is PureForge's Atomic-Forged technology, a complex metallurgical process protected by multiple patents and patents pending. By modifying the surface of a surgical-grade, 420-stainless-steel brake rotor at the molecular level, the end result is a multi-layer, ultra-dense exotic metal matrix that is forged directly into the surface of the rotor. After the Atomic-Forged process, the most extreme real world braking frictional and mechanical forces cannot compromise the rotor surface. Compared to other brake systems, Atomic-Forged brake rotors are safer, perform better, produce less toxic brake dust and last the lifetime of any vehicle.

"We are used to seeing elevated temperatures decrease the braking system performance," says Nathan K. Meckel, PureForge's President and CTO. "Our PureForge Atomic-Forged technology is the first that I have seen in my 45-year career in metallurgy where the performance of a braking system improves as the temperature increases. This is particularly important for officers on emergency calls, in pursuits, responding to Code 3s and other high-heat generating situations. We believe PureForge technology, and the fade resistance it delivers, will reduce vehicle accidents, injuries and most importantly save lives."

"PureForge rotors enable braking-system performance that has previously been unachievable; I am confident that PureForge technology effectively stops vehicles under a variety of conditions and has the potential to reduce toxic environmental emissions to near-zero," says world-renowned brake expert Dr. Peter Filip, Director of the Center for Advanced Friction Studies at Southern Illinois University. He and his team have extensively tested PureForge and OEM Ford Crown Victoria (2007 model) rotors on brake dynamometers at the center's facility using SAE testing guidelines J2430-FMVSS 135. The tests recorded parameters such as braking speed, release speed, stop time, stop distance, deceleration, torque, effectiveness, pressure, rotor temperature and pad temperature. As the temperature rose with repeated high speed braking, the friction levels dropped on the OEM rotor tests, whereas PureForge rotors improved braking performance by maintaining constant friction levels across broad conditions regardless of temperature levels. Braking performance correlated directly to shorter stopping distances and, as a direct result, safer driving. The OEM brake rotors showed visible and measurable signs of wear, which resulted in significant releases of toxic brake dust into the environment. In the same tests PureForge rotors had absolutely no detectable wear, eliminating toxic pollution from brake rotor dust.

PureForge brakes for Ford Crown Victoria models from 2002 to present are available for order now directly from PureForge or Crossco, PureForge's manufacturers' representative partner. Shipments for pre-orders will begin late-October, and new orders are expected to ship by the end of the year. No special tools or training are needed for removal and replacement. Also currently available for shipment are law enforcement motorcycle-fleet brake rotors for all models of Harley Davidson, BMW, and Honda. All contracts are handled through PureForge's BaaS solution, and pricing is based on an average 20 percent savings off the fleet's annual historical brake maintenance costs.

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