Lifetime brake rotors available for police vehicles

Atomic-forged rotors for Ford Crown Victorias and other police vehicles show no measurable wear, meant to last for life of vehicle

PureForge announces the world's first wear-resistant automobile brake rotor, with an insurance backed warranty, engineered to outlast the service life of fleet vehicles. The first of PureForge's automobile brake rotor line fits Ford Crown Victoria police cruisers. Additional makes and models including Dodge Charger, Ford Interceptor, Chevrolet Caprice and Chevrolet Tahoe are planned for release in early 2013. As with PureForge brake rotors for law enforcement motorcycle fleets, the Atomic-Forged automobile brake rotors deliver the industry's highest performance and safety while braking under extreme conditions thus eliminating brake fade and dramatically reducing toxic brake dust pollution. PureForge brakes save fleets on average 20 percent on brake maintenance costs via the industry's only Brakes as a Service (BaaS) solution. 

PureForge selected law enforcement as its first market place. Operators of these fleets have enthusiastically embraced PureForge brakes, which offer unprecedented safety under the most demanding applications and conditions. Demand for PureForge Crown Victoria brakes has been continuously accelerating since PureForge announced their availability. Pre-orders from existing law enforcement fleet customers have already fulfilled PureForge's early production output scheduled for the new automobile brakes. Shipping to customers will commence in late October. Joe Goulart, the Fleet Maintenance Supervisor of the Escondido, CA Police Department reflects a typical customer response, "The Escondido Police Department has outfitted our entire motorcycle fleet with PureForge brakes and [we are] evaluating the Crown Victoria brake rotors. The safety of our officers is our paramount concern, and we are confident PureForge offers uncompromising safety and performance at 20 percent savings to our department."

"PureForge is committed to making the world a safer place, and we are confident our PureForge brake products indeed provide that level of safety," says Douglas Wall, PureForge's CEO. "For example, we have received reports that vehicles equipped with PureForge brakes have already saved lives. After five years of testing from motorcycle riders covering millions of miles of extreme operating use, not a single PureForge rotor has shown wear. We're so confident our revolutionary Atomic-Forged brakes are safer and tougher than anything on the market that we are the first and only company to offer a brake rotor insured warranty for the lifetime of the vehicle."

Because PureForge rotors show no measurable wear, the rotors – once installed – do not need to be replaced during the lifetime of the fleet vehicle involved. In addition, PureForge brake pads, used in conjunction with PureForge brake rotors last much longer than Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brake pads used with OEM brake rotors.  This delivers a substantial cost savings that PureForge passes on to law enforcement fleets through its unique Brakes as a Service (BaaS) program. In the BaaS agreement, PureForge provides brakes to law enforcement departments with no up-front cost and charges a fixed monthly or quarterly fee that averages approximately 20 percent less than the department's current brake maintenance expenditures. PureForge's BaaS program includes a warranty on all parts and labor costs for the lifetime of the service agreement, regardless of mileage.

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