Weldcraft to showcase TIG torches, accessories at International Motorsports Industry Show

Weldcraft announced it plans to attend the International Motorsports Industry Show (IMIS) in Indianapolis, Dec. 6 to 8. The company will share booth 2423 with Miller Electric Mfg. Co., where it will display its TIG torches and accessories, and also feature live welding demonstrations. To address visitors welding and product questions, Weldcraft will also have industry experts available at the booth.

TIG torches and accessories displayed at the booth have been designed to improve quality, reduce downtime and increase operator comfort on challenging motorsports applications. Of special interest is Weldcraft’s new WP-280 TIG water-cooled torch, which features a two-piece torch head with Weldcraft’s exclusive Super Cool™ Technology. This technology helps increase cooling efficiency and capacity, while also providing greater comfort to welding operators. The torch body includes an anti-rotation feature and multi-position locking that prevents handle movement during welding and improves operator control.

Weldcraft will also display its expanded line of tungsten electrodes, which now includes a 2 percent lanthanated type that offers excellent arc starting and stability, while also resisting tip erosion. Weldcraft also offers six other types of tungsten electrodes, all of which offer consistent, high quality performance and will be on display.

Also of interest at the show are the AK-150 and AK-225 Modular Flex Component (MFC) Kits and the Triad™ Tungsten Grinder. The all-in-one AK MFC Kits allow welding operators to customize their torches for their specific application, eliminating the cost for purchasing additional torches and the downtime for changeover. The Triad Tungsten Grinder provides easy, accurate tungsten preparation and accommodates six different electrode sizes. It offers four angle grinding capabilities, along with cutting and facing features.