Oregon acquires AssetWorks Software

AssetWorks, a provider of fleet management software, automated fuel management systems and motor pool and car sharing management systems, announced that the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has contracted to purchase the FuelFocus Fuel Management System for its 48 fuel sites across the state.

ODOT uses AssetWorks Fleet Management Software to manage its fleet of 6,000 units across Oregon, a large and diverse terrain. By adding FuelFocus, ODOT can seamlessly manage all issues related to fuel dispensing and tracking within the same database as its fleet system. The FuelFocus Island Controllers will be installed at ODOT's fueling sites throughout the state and have the ability to monitor any fuel or product that can be metered and pulsed, such as diesel, unleaded, E85, Urea, CNG, LNG, propane and Hydrogen. FuelFocus Island Controllers can also offer security by requiring drivers and vehicles be authorized via PIN numbers, key FOBs or other configurations. Fuel information and meter readings can be taken at the pump and passed directly into the FleetFocus database in real time.

By improving accountability for consumable assets, the integrated FuelFocus and FleetFocus solution can help fleets reduce fuel consumption and reduce "shrinkage" by 10-20 percent. Furthermore, the reduction of manual data entry can improve accuracy and save time.

"We are looking forward to having a comprehensive fuel management system that works in partnership with our fleet system. We expect that FuelFocus will help us better monitor our fuel costs, improve our efficiency and asset accountability," states Bruce Erickson, Fleet Services Manager. "With all our fleet data in a single database which is updated in real time, we will be able to take advantage of this information to make fact driven decisions."

ODOT joins a large number of state fleets who employ the integrated FleetFocus and FuelFocus solutions for comprehensive fleet management, including Washington, Indiana and Minnesota.