Dana launches upgraded Spicer axle

Dana Holding Corporation introduced the Spicer M300 axle featuring AdvanTEK gearing, the latest in a series of axles for Class 1 through Class 5 vehicles. Available now in Salisbury style, the M300 axle extends the premium benefits of Spicer axles with AdvanTEK gears for the light commercial-vehicle market.

Spicer axles with AdvanTEK gearing are designed to provide increased power density and efficiency in a smaller package than competing axles. The wide gear face improves gearing strength, tapered roller bearings increase fuel efficiency by reducing friction in the axle, and the overall design is optimized for low NVH.

The Spicer M300 offers greatly reduced part complexity that eases production burdens on OEMs.  It is designed for use in light commercial vehicles with Gross Axle Weight Ratings (GAWR) of 5200 to 7250 kg (11,500 to 16,000 lbs) and Gross Combined Weights (GCW) of 18,140 kg (40,000 lbs.).

"Over the past decade, the AdvanTEK series has exceeded best-in-class standards for NVH, fuel economy, durability, and contamination control, as well as manufacturing and assembly technology," said Pat D'Eramo, president of Commercial Vehicle Driveline Technologies at Dana. "By extending the range of AdvanTEK axles available to OEMs, the Spicer M300 now offers proven technology and premium benefits to purchasers of light commercial vehicles."