Dana launches line of reduced weight, single-piece aluminum driveshafts

Dana Holding Corporation has unveiled the Spicer Formed Aluminum Tube Driveshaft at IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012. Designed for SUVs, medium-sized pickups, and light commercial vehicles up to Class 6, the Spicer Formed Aluminum Tube Driveshaft offers manufacturers a single-piece assembly that delivers reduced weight and increased assembly clearance when compared to a traditional two-piece steel driveshaft.

Available in the summer of 2013 as an option for Spicer Life Series driveshafts in North America, the Spicer Formed Aluminum Tube Driveshaft weighs up to 25 percent less than two-piece steel assemblies, and it reduces cab noise and vibration.

Starting with a straight tube, the Spicer Formed Aluminum Tube Driveshaft is shaped to have an expanded center using a proprietary hydroforming manufacturing process. This expanded center allows it to run at higher speeds for a given length while offering increased strength and up to a five percent reduction in weight over straight aluminum tube driveshaft designs.

Because the driveshaft consists of a single piece, part complexity is reduced and vehicle system responsiveness is improved. By eliminating the center bearing required in a two-piece assembly, the Spicer Formed Aluminum Tube Driveshaft reduces noise, vibration, and harshness in the cab. The single-piece assembly is also lighter weight, increasing vehicle efficiency.

"With more than a century of driveshaft innovations, Dana offers a complete range of technologically advanced products that provide industry-leading efficiency, reliability, and performance," said Pat D'Eramo, president of Commercial Vehicle Drivetrain Technologies at Dana. "The Spicer Formed Aluminum Tube Driveshaft is the latest innovation from Dana to deliver the premium benefits demanded by buyers of light commercial vehicles."