Cintas offers pristine auto shop tips

To help automotive shops improve cleanliness and productivity, Cintas Corp. announced 10 tips for maintaining a clean shop environment.

6. Promote clean hands: Since technicians are constantly working with harsh oils and liquids, ensure they are greeting customers with clean hands. Provide hand washing stations supplied with heavy-duty soaps to cut harsh grease and oil. Make sure that clean paper towels are readily available and employees aren’t wiping freshly-cleaned hands on soiled shop towels. Additionally, provide protective gloves for employees performing more intensive services.

7. Provide clean towels: Prevent the accumulation of unsightly soiled shop towels throughout the shop by partnering with a laundry service provider. Service providers will deliver laundered shop towels based on individual shop needs so a constant supply is available for employees. Since professionals handle the removal of shop towels, employees and shops remain clean and productive.

8. Provide a safe parts washer: Refrain from using solvent-based parts cleaners as inhalation can cause nervous system damage, lung injury and death. To keep employees safe, make sure that the washer uses bio-based and pH-neutral cleaning solutions to reduce hazards and improve indoor air quality throughout the shop.

9. Maintain waiting areas: As a customer’s first impression of the auto shop occurs in the waiting area, this space should always remain in top condition. Develop daily cleaning schedules to disinfect and sanitize all hard surfaces including chairs, tables and floors. Provide a continuous supply of refreshments to enhance the customer experience and provide added value to services performed.

10. Focus on restrooms: Whether the shop has customer-only restrooms or shared facilities, restrooms should always be pristine. Ensure that restrooms have a continuous supply of the essentials including soap, paper towels and toilet paper. At least once a day, all restroom surfaces should be sanitized and disinfected. To keep restrooms smelling fresh and reduce unpleasant odors, use time-release air fresheners and urinal screens. In addition to daily maintenance programs, schedule regular restroom deep cleanings to remove buildup that daily protocols cannot reach.

“An auto shop’s appearance should be reflective of the quality of service,” added Mesko. “When customers walk into a clean auto shop, they can be confident their vehicles are being treated with the same care and attention as the rest of the facility.”

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